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The workshop is intended to benefit from the expertise of an interior designer to give a communicative / commercial to the project proposals and to buildings in here refers.

The workshop deepens the graphic communication and coordinated management of the project proposal aimed at trying to provide the tools necessary to answer the questions of how to present itself in a credible manner in the workplace and how to get hold of the basic tools of the profession, both in the creation of an expendable project in the proposal of a design concept at work.

The intention is to form, outlining the contours of the increasingly necessary professional Account designer, a qualified person, prepared to deal with issues related to interior design, present and aligned with the requirements of the market.


As a project, what is the best way to propose it, to make it known?

What are the techniques of communication can make a winning project proposal?

What are the basic steps to take to prepare a house with a view to a sale?


The Workshop aims to answer these questions through the direct design of various types of housing (commercial, residential, employment), taking into account case studies and defining a methodology on which to rest their creativity.

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