Interior Design Workshop – 6 days


An immediate dip in the theory and practice of a fascinating discipline

The workshop is conducted with multiple forms that alternate in the collaboration of more teachers to pursue simultaneously: the theory and practice of the project. To lectures on the history and design methodology to follow lessons in technical drawing and freehand lessons, 3D modeling, lighting, graphics and communication can provide the tools necessary to disclose the method and the result of a project.



The course teaches a design method applicable in every project, from the organization and management of living spaces to the  use of lighting in different environments. With practical exercises and extempore in the classroom the course leads members to represent with appropriate sketches and 3D virtual modeling your own ideas.



The course is aimed at all those who wish to develop their creativity, who  want to acquire or improve the necessary tools to develop an interior design project in all its phases.

To access the course are required skills of research capacity and processing, passion and a basic capacity for abstraction.


Course program – Steps

1°  _ A journey in interior design – the alphabet and methodology

2°  _ Reading Project

3 ° _ The quality of the design – the standard

4 ° _ Plants, elevations and sections

5 ° _ The Living spaces

6 ° _ Furniture Design

7 ° _ In the history of interior design

8 ° _ Representation techniques

9° _ The world of Color

10° _Color | design

11° _ Light Design

12° _ The design of the light

13° _LIGHT Design b

14° _ Project resources

15° _ lesson Skecthup

16° _ Lesson lesson within known and famous showroom in the center of Turin

17° _ lesson Skecthup

18° _Graphic & Interior Design

19° _Correction Projects

20° _ Critics

The program is subject to minor changes to accommodate the needs and requests of members.


Duration of the course

40 hours.

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