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A series of lectures on Italian design and its relationship with the international world of interior design.

A journey through the history and the brand new Italian reality in the international scene.
Cappellini, Olivetti, Cassina, Moroso, Gufram, Artemis, Horm … and all the organizations that helped create the brand “Made in Italy”

Italy is going through one of its best moments, but at the same time the pavilion of Expo 2010 Shanghai was the most visited among all. It seems that a part of the quality of Italian products can not be tarnished by time and competition.
Why this paradox?

A series of lectures, which can be expressed in numbers and appointments according to your needs, which explore the relationship between architecture and interior design in Italy.

The Italian publishing regarding the architecture occupies 44% of the world market. Why is it so much? What role did the Italian design of the 60s in the world and what influence did the architectur    e and interior architecture.

A series of lectures that are born from the collaboration with the most important Italian furniture showroom and the most famous international brands that still are an expression of luxury and quality

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