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14,320 square meters in the center of the town of Busca.
28 apartments
8 commercial spaces
40 garages

It is an operation of residential and commercial construction.
The project involves the mending of the old village of Busca through the densification of a place long abandoned.
Consistencies between two buildings considered valuable, the design of the project has two objectives first:
– The definition of urban block with central public square, through the proposal of a commercial space on the ground floor and two residential floors above.
– The inclusion of types of intervention in existing buildings.

It ‘ a long path that led through the years as a result of this project.

Property , planners , public administration and regional superintendent , with the compromise of choices generated by foreign political balance usefulness of the project, have made this path progetuale suffered a path and sometimes with the times too dilated in order to fit into the rhythm of an efficient dialogue between the parties.
If the path is tortuous , what he enjoys , however, is the project itself , and the result That’s still filters through filters made ​​of criticism, hesitations , time, people, daring choices and other conservative .

Volume, clarity of composition , mending , mimesis , tradition, gambling , were the keywords around which is explained and built this project.

The buildings surround the perimeter of the block and then build his image : a homogeneous block separated from the others by the emptiness of the road.
In a public square . As well as the courts of the voids in southern Europe, as well as the courts of the convents who built the entire geography of Europe , as well as the empty interior of which overlook the openings of the windows of private riad Arabs.
This is the path that surrounds the perimeter of the business plan, dedicated to the market of the goods today in the heated rooms of the ground floor is covered and separated from the courtyard (which at best would be the garden).

For this appear:

– A commercial base as is customary in the same busca and squares of Europe,
– Typological elements such as gable roof that continues the profiles of nearby buildings and cmunque all places on the edge of the road, the arc that draws up and goes the way of the porch which in turn runs around the entire block and around the central public square,
– The balconies just prospicenti the thread of the building (which in turn become lodges internal).


DS039R02 (vista alto psd)

DS040R02 (allineamento facciate psd)

DS038R02 (vista archi+logge psd)

DS037R02 (prospetto archi+logge psd)

DS036R02 (piazza2 _ porfido psd)

DS035R02 (piazza1 porfido psd)

DS033R02 (portico+archi psd)

DS032R02 (portico+archi inside psd)

DS031R03 (portico+archi psd)

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